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An Early Autumn Wedding

A day of celebration

All Saints Church Lanchester and Burnhopeside Hall

What a happy and emotional day from preparations to the First Dance.  It is rare to be able to capture the preparations of both the Bride and her Bridesmaids and of the Groom and his Groomsmen. Both groups had a thoroughly good time getting ready in the wonderful rooms of Burnhopeside Hall. 

The Bride and her proud father made their way to All Saints Church in Lanchester in style and were greeted by sunshine and the warm faces of the Vicar and Bridesmaids. The very engaging ceremony went smoothly and the Newlyweds left under a shower of confetti.

The Wedding Party made its way back to Burnhopeside Hall where they greeted the Newlyweds with another confetti shower. We then proceeded with many group photos of which only a few are presented on this page.


After relaxing drinks and canapés, the Party proceeded to the Breakfast. The father of the Bride gave the first speech, followed by the Bridesmaids, the Groom and his Best Man

Before it was time to cut the cake, the Newlyweds managed, as the sun was setting, a final stroll in the grounds of Burnhopeside Hall.

And then came a very relaxed cake cutting session followed by not one, but two first dances! The party went on with people enjoying themselves indoors as well as outdoors.

When I left the party was still going strong! An amazing day for sure.


 You can access the complete gallery of photos here but you’ll need the password from the Newlyweds!

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