black and white photograph of Christophe Chevaugeon,wedding and portrait photographerI love capturing both portraits and weddings.With   years of experience as a street , landscape and portrait photographer, I know how to capture images in the real world, in real time and in almost any light ,without interfering with what’s unfolding.

Weddings ,such serious yet happy events, a feast for the eyes and heart.  During a wedding, my preferred approach is that of a tactful guest with a camera ( or two ), sensitive and respectful of who you are and profoundly aware of what your wedding means to you and your guests. My coverage is generous and my style is harmonious, direct and elegant. I edit my own work. I’m dependable.I shy well away from photographic gimmicks just as I shy well away from the less sincere side of a wedding industry that would distort the essence of a very special day, and turn in to some kind of “show” what is fundamentally the coming together of families and friends, to witness and celebrate the union of two soul mates.

Portrait is my other favourite genre: capturing the personality beyond the clichés and posed shots, that is what drives me.

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P.S. I am French, learned to speak fluent English in North America and have been living in Northumberland UK for more than  ten years. I lived in Paris more than 25 years, so if you’re planning a destination wedding in Paris, I’d be delighted to be your photographer.


P.P.S I also enjoy writing the occasional review of kit for my fellow photographers. For example : Sleeklens Strike A Pose Workflow  for Lightroom