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The Photographer’s touch

Forget the hype, focus on the portfolio.

A true photographer will have a style that will shine on beyond visual trends.

 More than anything clever I could design or write or pay someone to design and write and feature in a directory or a magazine , my portfolio is who I am and tells you what I can do for you. The art of the wedding photographer is understanding and respecting people and knowing how a camera sees to create photos that come to life . Each photo has to be able to stand alone and yet tell a part of the story.

Getting ready for a group photo

There’s a whole industry out there on overdrive and overselling trying to tell you what your wedding should be like. That is simply not who I am. I believe in quality over hype. My site resolutely reflects my approach to photography : page design is uncluttered, photos are presented elegantly with a discreet logo and a black margin to set them off from the site’s pure white background.  It’s about the photos, nothing else.

Engagement photography on Alnmouth beach



As a photographer,  there is nothing more challenging and yet incredibly enjoyable than capturing wedding photographs that have depth and life , emotion and beauty .  I favour traditional editing: black and white with a rich tonal range, colours that tell, not distract. I work with the light, not against it.  I believe in elegant wedding storytelling  . I am about interactions of settings and people and rendering the atmosphere; I enjoy documentary and in equal measure contemporary.


Wedding Party at the inner garden of Lumley Castle

I like people:I truly do. And I understand what getting married means on the day and beyond .  You don’t need clever articles on the “biggest day of your life” from me and on the importance of having the best photographer you can afford. I know that you want your day to be just right and your photos to be a reflection of your journey, your love,  your hopes, your determination, your emotions, and of your sense of fun and equally of your sense of seriousness. When you’re looking at your photos, you want them to look as meaningful, beautiful and alive as things were on your day. That’s my job, seeing it photographically, following your lead. If you’re quiet, I’ll be quiet; if you’re emotional, I’ll be emotional; if you’re having fun, I’ll capture the fun.

Bride and Groom Linton Hall






Christophe Chevaugeon , Northumberland based wedding photographer: travels in the UK and France.