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Showcase Your Premises

Quality Photography For Businesses in the North East

A case study of recent work as an example of what I can do for your business

Alnwick SPAR Petrol Station at Sunrise

What I can do for your business: high-quality exteriors!

Alnwick Spar Petrol Station and Shop photographed by ChrisChevPhotographer


Businesses often use elaborate lighting schemes to stand out. Creating a worthy image of your premises demands skill to get a good frame in the ‘right’ light. 

For example, however well lit your premises are, there is nothing more boring than a dull empty dark sky.  This is why sunrise and sunset are the best times of the day to show off your lighting!

great lighting but an empty boring night sky, some unwanted elements that weaken the frame cannot be removed at capture.

At the capture-stage, my focus is to frame images that are clean and dynamic, bringing together the key elements of the premises. At times, as in the photo below, smaller elements that are not ideal but that cannot be avoided or even temporarily removed are identified for enhancement in post-production.

the sky starts to appear but the frame reveals unwanted elements such as the giant fake coffee cup, which in this instance weakens the strength of the scene.

The light becomes more interesting as the sun emerges … In post-production, I identify areas that need addressing: essentially unwanted elements in the frame and controlling the intensity of some of the light.

The best image that unites the three key elements of the premises-the electric publicity totem, the filling bays, and the shop-suffers nevertheless from a few weaknesses.

In post-production, we arrive at this more polished image, that shows off your premises at their best.

To avoid unpleasant converging lines, each photo is taken with specialist perspective correction lenses, to give them a very professional finish. They are also taken on a high-resolution camera, delivering plenty of detail to play with on a variety of viewing and sharing platforms including in print. You are of course free to crop them as you please.

details from the shot

So whatever your business premises photography needs in the North East, just get in touch for a friendly quote.

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