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Original Photography Artwork and Design for your Music CD

 A collaboration with Andrew Lobb for his album Border Lines

If you’re putting out an album in the North East, here’s an example of what I could do for you…


First Step:  Creating Original Photos 

I was delighted to work closely with Andrew to create original work for his album Border Line. The first step was to create images in harmony with the themes and atmosphere of the album, a collection of songs that are a reflection of Northern Heritage (UK ). Northumberland with its coast, fishing villages, and hills provided us with plenty of inspiring scenery. Andrew had secured the rights to use a historic photograph by Francis ( Frank)  Meadow Sutcliffe,  for the album’s artwork, which sadly I can’t show you here!  It’s a sepia-toned photograph of a young woman who could have been one of the ‘Herring Girls’ whose harsh life Andrew describes so beautifully in song. So it was important to create visuals that complemented that photograph, without mimicking it. 

All the original photos used for the sleeve , booklet and CD were taken the same afternoon. 


Second Step: Putting the Artwork together with the text in the templates provided by the printer

The success of this stage owes a lot to Charlotte Lobb for her infallible proofing!

the album sleeve: front, back and inside panels as on the printer’s template


the booklet front and back covers



sample page from the booklet

sample page from the booklet

sample page from the booklet


The Actual Album: my worn copy!


 Don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss your project with absolutely no obligation.

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Album Border Lines: All music and Lyrics by Andrew Lobb

All photos, except when stated otherwise and design, by Christophe Chevaugeon