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Engagement Photography in Newcastle: who cares about the weather!

Although on a miserable day, we managed to have a lovely time…

Engagement photos on Bridge in Newcastle

For all sorts of reasons, finding a date and a venue was going to be tricky for Stephanie and Jordan who live near London. Initially, they’d hoped for a session on one of Northumberland’s beautiful beaches but on the day we’d agreed to do the e-shoot, or pre-wedding or engagement “sitting”, the weather was dire ! Just like for a wedding, there was no other option but to go ahead and that’s how it should be: if a photographer can’t come up with a plan to make best of poor weather, especially up here in the North East, well he’s begging for trouble.

We racked our brains and agreed to meet at Newcastle Central Station and to get some photos there before possibly either going to the Life Centre ( thanks for the suggestion you two, will keep it in mind ) or hitting the streets if the rain and snow and sleet eased up enough.


We managed some photos in Central Station , took a break for hot drinks to warm up and bravely made our way outside in a not too harsh mix of snow and rain that eased off after a while.


But let’s leave aside the conditions for a moment. Even if captured in the same venues, the same type of weather and so forth, no two sessions are ever alike because no two couples are alike. Furthermore, there is no right or wrong way to display your feelings for each other, especially in front of a camera.

Stephanie and Jordan were not only completely unfazed by the weather but immediately at ease and relaxed. I think it’s fair to say we all had a lovely time.

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