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Wedding Photographers in Northumberland

With such  an abundance of scenery and venues ,and of friendly people, Northumberland Wedding Photographers should surely have their work cut out for them ? ( With the possible exception of the unpredictable weather ! )

Northumberland:England’s Best Kept Secret

Northumberland is often described as England’s best kept secret: with its striking coast and hills, beautifully kept landscapes, historic towns like Berwick on the Borders, Alnwick and Morpeth, incredible castles like Alnwick, Bamburgh and Warkworth, with its grand Manors  like Doxford Hall and Newton by the Sea and more intimate venues like Horton Grange Country Hotel, Northumberland offers a variety of settings to celebrate weddings and other special occasions. To make things even better, it’s just a short hop from thriving Newcastle  and within easy reach by train or plane.

northumberland alnmouth beach wedding photographyNorthumberland Wedding Photographers:Engagement Shoot Alnmouth Beach

Surprisingly, we’re just a handful of Wedding Photographers actually based in Northumberland to offer our services to couples looking for a photographer for their Wedding (and possibly engagement ) photography. Does it matter that we actually live here ?  Should you hire a photographer because he is local ? My short answer might surprise you and it’s no ! You shouldn’t hire a wedding photographer because s/he lives in Northumberland, you should hire your wedding photographer because you like their work and their price is right for you.

Of course because I live here I am more than familiar with ideal locations for an array of events. And living here means I don’t need to charge you extra for travel. But what really matters is my portfolio and my prices.

bride and groom embrace at Alnwick CastleNorthumberland wedding Photographers: Alnwick Castle Wedding Photography

Amongst wedding photographers that are truly based in Northumberland, I offer original quality work skilfully captured and edited, my coverage is always generous in time and produces results designed to appeal to lovers of wedding photography whether in documentary, contemporary or classic style. I am very proud of my wedding portfolio and present more than just the iconic photos that stand out so that couples get a true flavour of the quality of work they can expect when they commission me to capture their wedding day.

horton_grange_country_house_hotel_wedding-3Northumberland Wedding Photographers:documentary wedding photography at Horton Grange

As for my prices they are simple and clear. With respect to national and local North East wedding photography prices  I’m sure you’ll find them truly inclusive. I’m not afraid to say impressively inclusive! How do I manage to keep them so low ? It’s simple, I keep my overheads down. No studio, no expensive adds, no sign up to expensive wedding directories and wedding leads schemes, no membership to this or that professional body ( that often take on anyone, irrespective of their portfolio, as long as they pay an annual fee ) and so on. This way, I keep my costs down to what’s indispensable: excellent equipment and back ups/ professional insurance / websites / affordable publicity /admin and photographic skills ) and can keep my prices incredibly reasonable

What I love and am proud to do is excellent, warm, tactful and affordable wedding photography, here in Northumberland and elsewhere, for couples who are discerning and demanding lovers of photography.