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Portrait and Headshot Photography Prices

On location or at my studio CameraWork45

camerawork45 photography studio

2022 Portrait Types and Prices

Portraits can be taken in my studio CameraWork45 in Felton Northumberland, or at a location of your choice, including your own home. There is a small fee for traveling to you. It takes more time to set up interior shots in your home or venue of choice unless we are working in available light.

Basic Billing Principle

Prices in the studio start (and often finish) at £95

Included as standard:

  • the sitting fee of an hour
  • a selection of 5 edited photos with essential retouching
  • you chose a photo for more comprehensive retouching
  • online password protected gallery
  • electronic delivery of your photos at full resolution
  • sharing and printing rights

No nasty surprises: sitting and a selection of photos delivered to you electronically, ready to use are included in the price. Please note that conditions and extra fees may apply for extensive corporate use.

All photos receive essential retouching and look great at standard viewing sizes. Further retouching may be requested at cost depending on what you are trying to achieve.


Additional costs

Travel: £29

Per extra hour of sitting: £30

Further editing requests: £20 per hour

I Travel to you:

Northumberland, Berwick, Alnwick, Morpeth, Newcastle, Tyne and Wear, Durham and the Borders


Types of Portraits


Headshots are typically used on social media, in brochures, and on prints to show your professional persona. They can be formal or relaxed depending on your intention. They are often taken against a neutral studio-type background.  It’s ideal to wear something without a pattern and of a colour that works nicely with your skin. Choose one from the selection for more comprehensive editing.

Headshots and portraits can be taken in or out of the studio


Portraits reveal something more personal than headshots. They can be captured in or out of the studio, be posed or spontaneous, framed tightly, or capture you in a meaningful environment and/or activity. It is all about the rapport between you and the photographer and experimenting with different approaches. The sitter may not be looking at the camera and a session may need to take more time and need specialist lighting.

Environmental portraiture using available light

A creative approach to environmental portraiture with studio lighting outdoors

studio lighting in the great outdoors

Depending on your project, more than essential editing may be needed.

studio portraiture

Your home can be the studio

elaborate lighting


 Couple portraits and family portraits

Ideally, you want something relaxed that reflects your relationship.  You don’t have to limit yourself to one pose.  And the opportunity can be used to capture individual portraits and headshots.

Capturing interactions

Artful environmental couple portraiture in places you love

Capturing moods

A word about younger children in and out of the studio

When safe and happy, very young people are more likely to present naturally. A studio can be intimidating. This can trigger a refusal to pose for the camera.  Some young people may need special arrangements, for example, a pre-visit to acquaint themselves with the studio environment.

No nasty surprises all photos selected are yours

Relaxed family portraiture

A good portrait isnt always about smiling

Dynamic series portraiture

It is always possible to use a contemporary colour palette

A traditional black and white portrait

Relaxed on-location family portraiture

Special Portrait Photography Projects

You may need one or more portraits for a special project, such as creating content for a music album or a brochure to present your work.  I’ll need a clear idea of your needs, including publishing rights, to establish your quote.

An example of a page from ‘Border Lines’, Album, Music, Lyrics and Interpretation by Andrew Lobb, that I created in collaboration with Charlotte Lobb. We took numerous photos of Andrew and of different settings to create the album, including its songbook.

Whatever your portrait or headshot needs, please feel free to contact me.


07584 372 639
CameraWork45, 45 Main Street, Felton NE659PP
07584 372 639
CameraWork45, 45 Main Street, Felton NE659PP


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