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Need Photos of  Your Property in Northumberland

To Sell it? To Showcase it? To simply have a Portrait of it?

Here are some samples of what I can do for you.

Professional photos, complete with perspective correction in-camera and enhancements in post-production that do justice to your property. 


Northumberland Coastal Art Déco holiday let  1-2 Haven in Beadnell. Photography  by ChrisChevphotographer

And below this ordinary photo of exactly the same property almost taken from the same spot at the same time with standard equipment and without further editing: it simply doesn’t do justice to this lovely Art Deco let! 

That is because buildings are no different than the people we love: minor imperfections, poor lighting and so on that we do not notice in real life can become all too obvious when captured by a camera. Buildings, like people, often need a bit of touching up! Furthermore, elements of the urban landscape can also get in the way. I’ll take care of these for you.

Perspective Correction

Taken with a standard lens this image suffers from converging vertical lines. There is also an electric cable running across the sky.


Although the light wasn’t the most favourable, I was able to produce these photographs…



True Panoramic Photos

Specialist lenses also make it possible to create true panoramic photographs without unsightly distortions.


Detail from the Panorama


Before and After Postproduction












And when it isn’t always possible to tidy up the setting, that is to say, move out of the frame unwanted elements, sometimes it is possible to photoshop them out of the image…as in the example below! 


So whatever your real estate and property needs, feel free to reach out for a quote..you’ll great quality at a great price

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