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Portraiture and Headshots

A fun family traditional Headshot Photography studio session in the heart of Northumberland

Cassic style portraits and headshots in Northumberland.

Live in or near Northumberland and need some studio headshots, just call to book a session in my studio CameraWrok45 situated in GalleryForty5 in Felton.

These lovely young people needed traditional-style headshot photos for their school yearbooks. We set up for half-body shots. The style was very relaxed.

I tethered the camera to the large screen in the studio so the sitters could see the photos as they were being taken.  We reviewed them at the end of the session. Each young person chose approximately 10  photos to keep and earmarked one for ‘ discreet retouching’.

Mom provided the indispensable adult supervision! And she helped keep the session was fun and pacey!


 The high resolution of the photos made cropping the half-body portraits into headshots easy

We even explored subtle black and white rendering.


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CameraWork45, 45 Main Street, Felton NE659PP